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Juan Carlos Vásquez was born in Valencia, Venezuela

on December 20, 1972. He studied Publicity  and Customs Administration. As a narrator, Vasquez has published a short stories book entitled Pedazos de Familia (2000)published by Estival Editions Maracay-Venezuela. Vasquez other works were published in Ciclos Valencia Association for the Bipolar Affliction in Valencia, Spain, in the Poetic Anthologies  While Vivir Soñando (2004)  published by Poetic Studies Center of Madrid, Paseo en Versos (2005) published for passages in the roof Df Mexico, Hemiparesias  published by Viceralia Ediciones, Santiago de Chile. Poesias y aparte el Libro y su Autor, Cuentos para niños, Literary Works copilation by Betty Goldman and Enrique Epelbon, USA, 2007. Magazine Voces, vol 55, june 2000. Vol 68. September 2007. His works have been broadcasted in radio programs Breus, Barcelona (Spain) 106.9. FM, Pruduction AFV, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 105.9 FM. Two his poems were traslation into Portuguese by Antonio Miranda. (2006) While Vasquez Literary Texts Letragrafias de la Veleta (2006) was published by Veracruz University, Mexico.

Currently, Vásquez is finishing a book of poems entitled Sangre and a story book La Caida which deals with the contradictions which ends in the human experiential perspective. Vasquez has lived in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Miami, FL, and San  Francisco, CA. Since 2002, he lives in New York, NY, where he is a member of the foremost Spanic attack.




Vásquez has been a prominent contributor to the following

leading Poetry sites:


Verso Que Viene Siglo XXI.

El Rincon De La Poesia Y La Literatura.

Othlo Zine.

Almiar (Margen Cero)

Notisur USA.

Al Margen Net.

Bordelines Writers.

Mundo Cultural Hispano.





Lauded International Writer (2005) by Notisur USA

for Vásquez stories Ataques de Lucidez Y El Tejado (Desde la

Perspectiva de un Gato).

Recognitions in El Premio Nosside(2005) in  Calabria Italy.





Member El Hueco Cultural Association (2001) in Miami.

Member Spanic Attack Cultural Organitation (2004) in New York.





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